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Shoes are an integral part of one’s day to day life and it completes your overall attire! Since shoes are worn on a daily basis, for that important meeting, after a day out playing football they tend to wear off rapidly. Your footwear catches everyone’s eyes and hence needs to be kept maintained all the time!

At Dust Blowers Footwear Laundry we render services ranging from  Cleaning of Sports Shoes, Suede Shoes,  Leather Shoes, Ladies Sandal, & Riding Shoes & all types of Shoes. We do Heel Repair, Shoe Sole Repair, Color Correction & much more to maintain a look as good as new. Our services reflect our passion, expertise and keen attention to detail. The shoe laundry & shoe repair service is about attention and care for each and every footwear.

Our Services


In order to ease your workload, we can take care of your precious shoes. The Shoe Laundry at your Service. We at Dustblowers Footwear Laundry Deep Clean your shoes with professional care using globally benchmarked cleaning products, equipment & methods to ensure that your belongings get the best possible care. 


We Repair all types of shoes such as Sports|Canvas|Leather|Suede|Cloth and many more. We here offer the best shoe repair services. Pamper your leather shoes, sneakers, boots , suede shoes & heels with some tender loving care at Dustblowers Footwear Laundry.

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Shoe Deodourising

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Shoe De-silting

Handbags & Luggage Cleaning

Shoe Conditioning

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How It Works?

Drop Off

Drop your shoes, we will take care of it. (Pickup & Delivery is available.)


Deep Cleaning & Conditioning with professionally used products.


Once the Cleaning is done, your Shoe Repair will be completed and it will get back to you shortly.


Done! Your shoes are ready to Run.



We want to give the best to our clients because we care about their reputation as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal ethics. Doing a good job really matters to us. We at Dustblowers Footwear Laundry provides high-quality work. Whatever solution you need for your shoes, you are in the best place.


100% Cost Effective


Free home/office pickup & delivery


Non Toxic & Safe


Hygienic & Inexpensive


Cost effective

“All you need is Clean & Beautiful Shoes”.

Our Work

Wonderful Shoe Laundry Service till date at Nagpur & at very low prices, Very Affordable.

Riya K