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Highly qualified Shoe Laundry specialists and the latest imported machinery ensure exacting standards to service every footwear. We offer a range of services include Shoe Washing, Repairing, Deodorizing, Disinfecting, De-silting, Stain Removal and many more for all types of shoes. Shoe Laundry is never been different or new, but we are taking it to another level. Our aim is to improve your experience with Shoe Laundry services. We ensure your convenience is never compromised and accordingly provide a varied range of options with the best & affordable prices. We are consistently striving to raise the bar as India’s finest laundry and dry-cleaning service.
A bonus of free home/office pick-up & delivery.

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Sometimes, Shoe Contact is more important than Eye Contact.


Take Care of Your Shoes,It will take you to new places.


Walk the line, with perfect pair of your shoes. Create your own type.

Rajlaxmi Sainani


About Me

Hello Friends, I am Rajlaxmi sainani, director of Dust Blowers facility management services Pvt. Ltd. Ours is a journey of 20 long years from cleaning of Homes & Housekeeping of commercial places. We are providing service to all. We are Dust Blowers helping our customers to work & leave in clean places. So what about personal hygiene? Dustblowers came up with a new concept of Footwear Laundry. Nagpur is a developing city with people who headly have time for themselves & Home Deliver Us & Pick Up taking over the market, this concept of Footwear Laundry is introduced.

We have been providing Footwear Laundry services to all classes right from civil workers, to students, to fashion females, to industrialist & age groups -right from School Shoes to Walking Shoes. Urgent delivery for elderly people & it’s good to see people taking care of their & it’s hygiene. Dust Blower is a name. We want to become the name quality/ value of money.


Vision: Making available the shoe laundry facility to one & all & to make footwear hygiene & shoe care a part of every individual’s lifestyle. To be known amongst our customers for consistency and value for money for the services we provide.

“We Do Clean Business.”

Everything is done, very professionally here. Hence Dustblowers Footwear Laundry is my first choice.

Manish Malewar

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